Invite a teacher

Many of Lama Ole’s students have gained the necessary knowledge and experience of the Buddhist teachings to share in the work of teaching at Diamond Way centers around the globe. Travel Teachers in particular are designated by Lama Ole to teach on behalf of the lineage. They also teach at public events in the community and on elementary, high school, and university campuses as guest speakers.

Teaching Topics

With the exception of talks given as part of a university course, the first public teaching on campus is normally a introduction to Tibetan Buddhism covering the three levels of Buddhist teachings, Diamond Way view and meditation, and how to integrate these teachings into daily our lives. These lectures generally conclude with questions and answers and a guided meditation.

Inviting a Teacher to Your Campus

If you are a student or a professor who would like to invite one of these teachers to your campus, please contact our university tour coordinator at: Type, “Inviting a Traveling Teacher to (your university and city)” into the subject line and let him know when you would like the teacher to visit. The two of you can then work together to arrange a travel plan. For professors seeking to invite someone to talk as part of a class, please also include the topic(s) you wish to be covered in order to allow us to contact a teacher who is knowledgeable in that area. You can then contact the teacher personally to work out the format of the lecture, scheduling, rules and regulations, etc.