Articles on View and Action



  • The Six Liberating Actions by Lama Ole Nydahl
  • View, Meditation and Conduct by Shamar Rinpoche
  • The Power of Bodhisattva by Shangpa Rinpoche
  • True Buddhist by Shangpa Rinpoche
  • Beyond Extremes the Great Middle Way Teachings of Nagarjuna


  • Seeing Into The True Nature of Emotions by Lama Gendyn Rinpoche
  • Introduction to Bodhicaryavatara by Shangpa Rinpoche
  • Generosity - a Buddhist Perspective Interview with Topga Yugal Rinpoche
  • Buddhist Terms Part 4. Based on Treasury of Knowledge by Jamgon Kongtrul
  • Bardo of Death and Rebirth by Lama Ole Nydahl
  • The Heart Sutra Introduction by Kenpo Chodrak Rinpoche